About OIPA TANZANIA – MAWO Voluntership Programme

Volunteering with Meru Animal Welfare Organization will help make even a greater impact towards the welfare of domestic animals especially the donkeys and dogs whose welfare has been greatly neglected all over Northern Tanzania. Incorporation of skills from MAWO personnel and the volunteers will influence even greater change as we there is a vast pool of different ideas to tackling the same goal.

 The volunteer will have an opportunity to have a hands on experience on executing welfare activities with the locals while appreciating the beautiful landscapes and different cultural practices and heritage of the people from Tanzania. (S)he will also get to work alongside incredible animals who will made your heart with adoration.

MAWO Voluntership gives the volunteer an All Round experience of the vast Tanzania thus IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO MISS!! WELCOME!


  • No previous experience required
  • Enthusiastic
  • Have the self-drive to work efficiently with minimal supervision
  • Perseverance (able to tolerate high temperatures and humidity and also work in remote areas)
  • Curious to learn all that entails animal welfare
  • Should be able to work in a team
  • Ability to speak and understand English

Volunteer Responsibilities

Main Purpose:

To lead, manage, and motivate all Meru Animal Welfare Organization and efficiently and effectively implementing the Organization strategies plans for improving animal welfare in the Meru & Simanjiro District.

  1. To advice the Mawo Team on how to improve the day to day activities of animal welfare for good performance of the organization.
  2. Helping to design different programs for animal welfare.
  3. Seeking internal and external donors and apply for grants.
  4. Writing and giving reports to the donors on the progress of MAWO.
  5. To design Fund raising activities and put into practice.
  6. Designing and writing MAWO newsletters, brochures etc.
  7. Field activities i.e. Dog & Donkey Clinics.
  8. Finding and inviting new members (internal and external) to join MAWO from different areas i.e. Tour operation organizations, Hotels, Big farm operations etc.
  9. Providing education in schools i.e. primary and secondary, Communities and also conduct clubs.

Working Hours?

Monday-Friday;  0900hrs to 1700hrs

Saturdays; 0900hrs to 1700hrs (NB: Only during mobile clinics)

Lunch break; 1300hrs to 1400hrs

Sundays are free to relax

Note:  MAWO is not responsible for any travelling expenses incurred by the volunteer. We only provide free accommodation BUT full meal and transport will cost $30 per person per day