Do you remember Zira? The sweet dog found roaming in the outskirts of Baku with a huge mass tumour under her belly? Rescued by our OIPA Azerbaijan International Representative, NOW she’s completely recovered and ready to smile at life after nearly three months spent at the vet clinic.

Thanks to your support, Zira was treated not only for a severe anaemia but received all needed screening (x-ray, blood test) and therapy necessary before the surgery she underwent for removing the tumour, that luckily didn’t have metastasis or  didn’t involve other organs, as well as postoperative care and proper treatments. During her stay at the clinic, the dog has been also neutered.

Zira is now happily back to her habitat and she has gathered with her daughter that for all these months was waiting for her.

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Stray dogs and cats here don’t survive so easily. Every day for them may be the last. They just rely on love, careand protection of volunteers who try their best to assist them with their sole resources.