Since  the creation of  OIPA Cameroon’s mobile  veterinary  clinic in  2018,  many  stray and owned  animals  have  benefited  from this  initiative .  The clinic is working in poor rural communities to improve the welfare of both abandoned and owned animals, and it is the first and only mobile vet clinic  in  Cameroon   that  provides free health care to animals  on daily bases ,  thanks to support from individuals and  like-minded organizations from around the world. Rescuing animals from live of suffering  is a never  ending task, the ultimate  goal is to find  a long law-backed solution  to prevent  such neglect , mistreatment  and cruelty  before  it occurs . The team also try to engage in a friendly and respectful communication with animal owners to help animal achieve better living conditions  and appropriate treatment from their owners.  Some of these animals require regular visits and medical checks from OIPA’s team to follow their healing process.   That is why the mobile vet clinic is always in need of financial and material support.

 Through the support of OIPA International and the project “Save a Stray”, the team has been busy working on the ground to help animals with various disease and bacterial infection. Distemper is one of the most common disease that these animals suffer on daily basis. It is highly contagious among domesticated animals and it may be fatal, and very difficult to handle.  It require  lots of care and attention  as it can be easily transmitted to other organisms and to humans as well.

Thanks to our financial support 13 dog at the verge of death affect by the disease were treated and now happily living with their owners. Additionally, 54 dog and cat received free treatments from the mobile vet clinic. Animals owners are also educated on animal welfare, care and protection, and some of them have started to behaive correctly with their animals.


With your support we can ensure that suffering animals in rural communities  of  Cameroon  will continue to receive  health care and assistance.