A protest was held yesterday in Milano to raise voices against recent episodes of animal cruelty occurred in Italy. OIPA was there to attend together with other associations, activists, volunteers, citizens, and prominent figures, in particular the actress Caterina Murino, sensitive woman and big animal lover, to ask justice for Leone, the cat found skinned alive, and all other animals, helpless victims of human cruelty.

A series of episodes of indescribable violence against defenceless animals have stirred the consciences of an increasing number of outraged Italian citizens who are now loudly calling, together with animal rights organizations, for a law that implements harsher penalties for those who are convicted of mistreatment and killing of other living beings.

A crowd of people united not only in memory of Leone, but also in memory of Aron, the dog burned alive by his “owner” in Palermo; Leone 2, the kitten who died due to the explosion of firecrackers; Grey, the cat kicked into a fountain and left to drown by a teen girl in Alberobello; and all the animals that silently suffer in intensive farming or are exploited to death by humans.

We were all together to publicly report these crimes and to ask the Italian Government for more severe punishments for those who are convicted of animal cruelty and abuse. Individuals able to inflict pain and suffering and to cause the death to living beings of any other species, not only must be severely condemned, but they must be considered extremely dangerous for the whole society. Several studies have confirmed that Violence towards animals is strictly connected to violence toward humans.

It’s time to change!