The daily routine of our OIPA’s representative in Azerbaijan is feeding and taking care of neglected stray cats and dogs that invisible live on the edge, in a country that unfortunately represents one of the worst examples in terms of animal welfare and animal rights.

Not only municipalities do not pay attention to homeless animals, but also citizens contribute to worsen animals’ living conditions by refusing to sterilize their pets and then dumping pregnant cats and an incredible number of kittens on the streets.

Recently, our representative Ilhama found an abandoned mother cat with 3 female kittens and other two nearby the area where she usually goes to feed and care of strays every day. She carried all of them to a vet clinic for some health check and for scheduling their sterilizations, as it was urgently needed considering their critical age.

A few days later, other two little kittens, not even two months old, were found abandoned: LUI and LIYA.

💙 LUI was roaming crying in search of food on the side of a road, while Liya was thrown into a yard in a terrible state. Examined by a vet, the condition of Lui was luckily good after all. He was treated from fleas and worms and got his first vaccination.

❤️ LIYA’s condition was visibly more serious. She couldn’t walk properly with her left paw, her eye was inflamed, her nose clogged with blood, she had wounds on both ears and a head injury. It wasn’t sure if Liya could have been able to see and walk again, but…after 10 days of treatment she began to walk again and her sight restored completely. Only a little part of the right ear rotted and fell out because of trauma, but this little warrior princess is recovering fast. She is now in good condition, she got her vaccination and with a new passport, she is now ready to be adopted together with his little friend Lui.


With your support, we can help OIPA Azerbaijan cover the cost of sterilizations, vaccinations and vet treatments for these little kittens and for all those are yet to come!

💙 Even a few euros can make the difference in the life of a stray 💙

Info adoption:



Lui has been successfully adopted  💙He is now relaxing on a sofa in his new warm home. Thank you all so much for your constant support and thanks to the wonderful family. Another soul saved by our representative from streets of Azerbaijan!


Liya has been successfully adopted ❤️ One more stray kitten rescued! Congratulation to the family and we wish Liya the best life ever!