While feeding stray dogs in the suburbs of Baku last February, some volunteers made a sad discovery: another mum abandoned with her litter of five puppies.

They fed and gave water to the mum and transferred the litter on a fluffy pillow placed under a bush to keep puppies warm and safe from possible dangers. In Azerbaijan, stray dogs are shot and poisoned by employees of the executive authority and heartless people, no matter if they are only puppies or mums who just gave birth.

The five little tails have been monitored and looked after by volunteers for weeks, however some days ago our local representative got a call asking for help. Unfortunately, one of the puppy died and the other four needed urgent recovery. Taken immediately to a vet clinic to check their health conditions, they all tested positive for canine parvovirus (CPV) and sadly, for one of them it was already too late.

Only three survived. These little angels have started the treatment against CPV and they are now fighting for their lives.

OIPA Azerbaijan is asking for support to cover veterinary costs for the three puppies, which include exams, treatment, specific food and hospitalization.

We wish them a full recovery and we hope they will find a loving family and a warm house where to spend their life.

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👉 For direct info or adoption: azerbaijan@oipa.org