We are increasingly aware of the suffering and inhumane conditions in which millions of animals are forced to live in farms and are then transported alive for days, weeks and even months. Animals exported may face extreme dehydration, exhaustion, hunger and stress and those survived are then brutally killed in slaughterhouses once reached their destination.

A life of pain and suffering visible in their gaze. It’s enough to look into their eyes, desperately looking for help and full of deep sadness, to feel the atrocities they have suffered in their short and unfair life.

This year again on 14th June, the Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day we want to give them a voice and say “NEVER AGAIN”!

This day has been planned an International Twitterstorm aimed at raising awareness on the theme of live animal exports and long distance transports. We could turn the spotlight on this horrible industry by sharing posts and contents with the hashtag #BanLiveExports and let the world know how many people have decided to stay on the side of animals demanding to stop this cruelty.

This year you can also sign a petition addressed to the European Commission asking for a revision of transport regulation and immediate action to face the worst animal welfare issues.

Why 14th June? The date of 14 June has been chosen not to forget the live export tragedy occurred the same day of 2015 when 13,000 sheep lost their lives during a long sea journey. These sheep had been loaded onto the Trust1 cargo ship in Romania, initially they were taken to Jordan where it was reported that over 5,000 sheep had died from dehydration, starvation and exhaustion. The Trust1 eventually set sail again – attempting, unsuccessfully, to dock at numerous ports over the next two weeks. By the 14 June the Trust1 finally docked in Somalia, by this point all 13,000 of the sheep had lost their lives.

Since this tragic event, similar live-exports-related disasters have occurred on almost a yearly basis all over the world. This year we’re also saying “never again” on behalf of the over 2,500 calves killed following the Karim Allah & Elbeik ships’ disaster, after over 2 months trapped at sea,, as well as the hundreds of thousands of animals that suffered during the Suez Canal blockage. Both incidents took place in the first few months of 2021.

The export of live animals is incompatible with the basic principle of the European Treaty of Lisbon, which in art. 13 states that animals are considered “sentient beings“.

Join the Twitterstorm and sign the petition 

Ban Live Exports Awareness Day 2021 – Petition Asks

I, THE UNDERSIGNED, call for a revision of transport regulation and immediate action to address the worst animal welfare issues. The revised EU Transport Regulation should provide the following: • An immediate ban on the export of live farmed animals to third countries for fattening and for slaughter;
• Live transport journey times to be limited to a maximum of eight hours and four hours only for poultry, by 2024, with investment in well-managed local and mobile slaughterhouses to reduce travelling times;
• A ban on transporting unweaned animals;
• More unannounced checks and tougher sanctions for infringement; • A prohibition on live transport if expected outside temperatures are below 5˚C or above 25˚C;
• Strict enforcement of the Regulation.
The issues of long-distance live animal transport and live exports should also be addressed in the context of: • European Commission objectives to urgently improve animal welfare and to improve public access to healthier diets with less meat;
• European Union international commitments on climate change and sustainability, including food security – the EU should not market live animals or animal products from harmful and polluting industrial farming systems to third countries. And direct action against live exports should be accompanied by significant reductions in the numbers of farmed animals in the EU, to reduce the need for transporting and exporting excess livestock.

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