OIPA ( International Organization for Animal Protection) and other association of all the world have been formed a coalition against the seal hunt in Canada.

Today the 15th of March 2005, on top of this shameful situation, there has been a day of protest in front of Canadian Consulates and Embassies world wide.

At 11.00 a.m. an OIPA delegation formed by Massimo Comparotto (OIPA Italia Chairman) and Tiziana Giacalone (OIPA International Secretariat), have consigned a parcel containing over 13.000 signatures gathered from all over Italy, it was handed over to Mr . Peter Mc Govern ( Canadian General Consul), who has been really helpful for the meeting.

During the meeting the Canadian Consul committed himself personally to accept the parcel with the signatures for the Canadian Prime Minister making present the large Italian and International movement of protest against this useless slaughter.
Mr. Peter Mc Govern has expressed a large solidarity for this fight; saying that personally he is in favour to stop of the baby seal slaughter.
“The Canadian government have decided on the slaughter of 1 million seal pups during the period of three years said Massimo Comparotto OIPA Italia Chairman” – For 2005 a quota of 320.000 seals, the hunt’ ll be open the third week of March; the period when the seal pups are born.

The pups ( age between 12 days and 3 month ) during the hunt will be killed by beating and Hakapiks, many being skinned alive.

Also the mothers of these pups die as they try to save their babies.
The Canadian government’s claim the reason for the slaughter is because it is necessary to save the fish for the fishermen population of the country.

The truth is that the pups are sacrificed only for their fur.

On the 8th of March the first Greenland seal pup was born.
HER NAAME IS “ HOPE”, because she represents the hope for no more victims of this slaughter, to make only clothing and other accessories with seal fur.