There has been heavy rain across Italy in recent days but the worst-affected area has been the northern region of Emilia-Romagna and parts of the central Marche region with heavy flooding and mudslides. The amount of rain of six months fell in one day and a half. More than 23 rivers have burst their banks and 280 landslides have taken place, submerging over 40 cities and towns.

15 people lost their lives and an estimated 36,000 have been forced to evacuate from their homes. Roads are blocked and those able to find refuge on the first floor or rooftops of their homes often have other familiars, in particular older and disable people, trapped in villages still inaccessible and for whom they are desperately asking for help.

The situation is dramatic and does also affect animals, as happened in every tragedy. Many are drowned, others are missing, shelter and farms are flooded. OIPA volunteers and animal control officers in the region are working tirelessly with the few resources available to rescue and evacuate animals responding to the many requests for help received.

A dog shelter, which stands in the flood zone of Ancona province, was evacuated: dogs have found temporary foster homes, cats have been moved to a temporary facility provided by the Municipality and volunteers now look after rescued kittens.

Some horses of a stable, which was isolated after the collapse of a bridge in the province of Bologna, have been rescued and relocated. Two of them were hospitalized, unfortunately one of them died during the night.

OIPA Italy has launched a fundraising campaign “Floods – OIPA Italy” to face the emergency

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