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These days are spent fighting against the time to save persons and animals that can be still alive trapped under the ruins. Many people lost everything in this tragedy and their animals are the only family members survived.

Stocking materials and pet food, coordinating the volunteers, performing emergency operations all day long often walking for long distances since the streets are interrupted: those are the daily activitites of OIPA volunteers.


PESCARA DEL TRONTO (AP) – A woman who lived with two cats, running to save her life lost the animals. Once she was safe in Rome, she asked to the volunteers to check in her house her cats. OIPA volunteers with the firebrigade went to the address indicated and found the property half collapsed, but the animals were still alive. After giving them food and water they brought the cats back to the owner in the same day.

CONFIGNO (RI) – Few cats of about 20 days were founded near to the ruins of a building, they lost their mother in the tragedy. Their destiny is still uncertain, but the volunteers found a nanny cat which will look after them right now on and hopefully they will make it.

VALLECCHIA (AP) – Two families were living in a rural area with 30 cats, since they didn’t want to leave the animals alone they stayed in the house even if the firebrigade recommended to move to the rescue camp. OIPA volunteers are working to bring them food everyday.

Many stories, only one word. The owners’ love for their lost pets, the animals’ love for their human friends, OIPA volunteers love for all the creatures hit by this tragedy.

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