The consequence of a country where animals are totally ignored is that emergencies do never really come to an end. The only thing animals can do, when they are left without food and veterinary care, is to suffer in silence. The increasing number of stray cats is due to the lack of sterilization activities but local authorities continue to believe that killing is the only solution.

Did they get any positive result until now? Nope! They have only taught to their future generations how to be cruel and emotionless towards animals and without even being able to keep controlled the over number of stray animals.

How can they survive if no one cares about them? Thanks to our delegation in Azerbaijan.

OIPA Azerbaijan constantly provides food and vet care and help with sterilizations contributing to prevent the birth of new litters and offering these homeless felines a better life.

Recently, our local representative is helping a lady spay and neuter the 15 stray cats she looks after. This help is necessary to avoid the increase of homeless cats and prevent animals from further diseases.

Continue to support the good work of our delegation for Azeri animals, even with a small donation


Thanks to OIPA’s project “Save a Stray”, during the first eight months of 2022, 30 stray cats and 3 stray dogs have been all spayed and neutered. We were able to offer blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays and surgery to some injured and sick animals (1 dog and 1 cat with cancer; 1 dog and 3 cats with paw and jaw fractures due to a car accident).