Another terrible news comes from Ukraine. After the attack on the Nova Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant in Kherson region, the dam was heavily damaged and collapsed, unleashing a massive flood of water ready to submerge and destroy everything that gets in its way.

A disaster of immense proportion for hundreds of thousands of humans and animals and for the entire environment in a country already devastated by war.

Predictions expect over 40,000 people at risk from flooding on both sides of the Dnipro river. Evacuation is underway, thousands of residents in the area have been asked to move away due to the floods effects or are anyway fleeing, leaving animals behind. Animals who will face a terrible death if they are not relocated to safer places in time.

OIPA won’t forget people and animals of Ukraine this time either. We will give support to our member league associations for assisting animals in need helping them save as many lives as possible.

Ludmilla, a lovely volunteer and animal lover in Ukraine, with whom OIPA has been in contact for over a year wrote us: “Russian have damaged hydroelectric station in Nova Kakhovka, which supplies part of the Kherson region with water. Kherson in under flood and Nikopol seems to be without water. As long as now it is unclear which will be the final consequences for the Nuclear Power station and Nikopol. However, many people are moving from the flooded Kherson region and there are people with pets. We need to find shelter for them and help with food, medicines, cage carriers and transportation. Additionally, I am not sure if it’s going to happen, but as the level of water in Kahovsky reservoir is lowering, there may be a drought in Nikopol and around it. We need water supply for people and animals. There are lots of people around, lots of animals. They all need help. All the animals in Kahovka zoo have sunk. Russians didn’t let workers even open the cages. There are only swans and ducks left alive. This hurts! I’ve just heard that the level of water in Nikopol is lowering. People are moving out from drowning regions. Nobody says anything about the future and consequences. There is a threat that radioactive litter from the reservoir bottom will dry out and get in the air. Kherson region is under water with lots of animals’ corpses that will soon start being infected. People are in pain, in panic. Our Government has given money to fix the water delivery in the region but we don’t know how long it will take. In Nikopol, people are told to get ready for water absence”.

Our member league Happy Paw declared: “We are shocked for what has been done. This is an ecocide, an ecological catastrophe that will affect thousands of animals, flora, agriculture and water supply of vast territories. Now we are actively collecting information and preparing an action plan. Many teams from shelters went to Kherson for rescue missions and we will support them as much as we can!”

Our slogan has been “UNITED FOR ANIMALS” since the very first days of war. If you want to join us, support our campaign “Emergency for Animals Ukraine” and make the difference!




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