With the war in Ukraine still ongoing, OIPA has never forgotten animals affected by war and continues to provide them help week after week.

In March, in addition to the usual supply of food, OIPA supported the sterilization project launched by its member league “Happy Paw”, through which 290 animals (and more precisely 229 cats and 61 dogs) in 6 different locations were spayed/neutered. An extremely important and necessary project targeted both owned animals and those without families, and which will keep the population of strays under control, avoiding unwanted births and consequent abandonments.

The sterilization programme, thanks to the excellent work of local veterinarians, took place in:

📌Volodarka (Kyiv region) – 77 animals, 60 cats, 17 dogs
📌Smila (Cherkasia region) – 60 animals, 60 cats
📌Netishyn (Khmelnytskyi region) – 60 animals, 52 cats, 8 dogs
📌Kamianske (Dnipropetrovsk region) – 59 animals, 40 cats, 19 dogs
📌Step shelter, Brody (Lviv region) – 21 animals, 5 cats, 16 dogs
📌Glukhiv (Sumy region) – 13 animals, 12 cats, 1 dog

OIPA’s support for the sterilization program will also continue during this month of April and we hope also in the months to come.

In March, about 1.5 ton of dry food for dogs and cats was destined to Nikopol, Dnipro and Vilnohirsk following the call for help of Lyudmilla, a volunteer with whom OIPA has been in contact since the beginning of war. This sweet girl asked emergency support for other volunteers, including Olga from Dnipro and Mariia from Nikopol, both veterinarians who, together with other animal activists, take care of strays and abandoned animals in their cities, more than 900 only in Nikopol.

Food also reached a shelter in Vilnohirsk, which hosts more than 50 cats and around 20 stray dogs left to roam in this small town, and was finally delivered and distributed to stray cats looked after by soldiers on the front line in Donetsk region, including Olga’s husband Alexander.
In many areas, soldiers are taking good care of abandoned and stray animals giving them the love and protection they deserve. Thanks to your support, this little mission has been accomplished.

Seeing the joy of animals and volunteers in such a difficult time fills our hearts with pure happiness.

The project “Emergency Ukraine” is still active, join us and lend a hand to animals in need.




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