With the incredible support of a special friend and Dr. Mariia, veterinarian at the vet clinic “Dobra Laska” in Nikopol, OIPA was able to deliver a ton of pet food. The quantity necessary to cover animals’ needs for the entire month of May.

Bags of dry food have been distributed to pets and stray animals in Nikopol, at the frontline and to some families from Dnipro and Kremenchuk.

Dr. Mariia shared with us what happened when the post office called her saying the cargo with pet food was ready to deliver :

“The new post office calls – the cargo (a ton of feed) will be delivered in half an hour, do you have someone to unload it?  

I – No, I don’t. I need a loader, I’ll pay for it. N.P. – We don’t have any.

And the search for men began… But where can you find a man in a half-empty city? Those who are left are either working or unable to… Sasha quit his job, but he’s on his own…  Well, girls, let’s go. Physical warm-up… While we were driving, the shelling started. Arrivals are not far away…. It’s scary… The car is in the city. The shelling has subsided, but we realize that they are reloading, and we have 15-20 minutes to unload. Volunteer Olena Hryn was just at the clinic – another pair of hands. So let’s go ahead. 

Couriers usually don’t really want to help unload, but here he looked at us and joined the chain. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask his name, but I thank him very much! 

Time is running out. They will start shooting again soon. Judging by the first series of shelling, there is a high probability that the next one will be at us (those who are here will understand these calculations). We are working fast. 

The last bags are already being loaded to the sound of arrivals… The courier closes the trunk almost on the fly and drives away quickly. We decide to stay in the garage for a while to avoid getting hit by debris, and while we are here together, we take a photo as a souvenir. 

Now, thanks to OIPA’s help, our stray animals on the streets are provided with food for a month. We invite pet volunteers to receive the food.”




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OIPA – Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali

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IBAN: IT93I0306909620100000002326​

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Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
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