OIPA International stands for the rights of farmed animals supporting the new European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “End the Slaughter Age” for a Europe that will not keep funding the suffering and exploitation of animals in farms and slaughterhouses. For a Europe that will facilitate the transition to cruelty-free products such as those that are plant-based and produced using cellular agriculture, acellular agriculture (from fermentation), cellular aquaculture and similar technologies.

The objective is asking the European Commission to consider:

1 – the exclusion of animal husbandry from activities eligible for agricultural subsidies and the inclusion of ethical and eco-friendly alternatives, such as cellular agriculture and plant proteins; 

2 – Incentives for the production and sale of plant-based products and those made using cellular agriculture.

Thanks to this ECI, we call on the European Commission to consider and present a new legislative proposal for the transition from products obtained through breeding, slaughtering and hunting to products free of cruelty, such as plant-based products, those made thanks to cellular agriculture, and similar technologies.

Add your name and ask to support to ethical, ecological and cruelty-free alternatives.

End The Slaughter Age – Details

Initiative official website: End the slaughter age

Nowadays many people, especially young people, make the change toward a diet that does exclude animals’ exploitation, suffering and killing, replacing meat and animal products with plant-based alternatives.

It is widely known that intensive farming as well as the entire livestock industry are one of the main causes of environmental pollution.

The emission of greenhouse gases, which is linked to the consumption of traditional meat between 15% and 51%, is now reaching a point of no return for the health of the planet, animals and man himself.