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cruelty is no more fashion

Dear sir,

fur and fur trims such as neck fur, stoles, coats, ponchos, shawls, scarfs, bags, hats, fur hats, legwarmers, gloves, belts, even keyrings and cell phone covers, hide enormous animal suffering. Both for how the animals are raised (small cages, cold, non-existent hygienic-sanitary conditions, confinement has severe psychological implications, fear), and killed (electrocution, nape shot, gas poisoning, hammer blow on the muzzle, nail stick into the front, drowning). These animals are foxes, ermines, minks, chinchilla , rabbits and many other animals such as cats and dogs. In some Oriental countries, such as China, animals are skinned alive! Many designers took the ethical decision to stop using fur and fur trims in their collections. What are you waiting for? I commit to spread the atrocities that you indirectly support, and will tell all my friends and family to boycott you until you go fur-free and stop exploit animals for their skins Sincerely.

%%la tua firma%%

38 firme

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