This is a plea for help for 6 innocent souls that lost everything in less than a day. Six cats left alone in Dubai after their owner passed away rescued by volunteers

OIPA International has been contacted by an Italian supporter for an emergency situation in Dubai, where 6 cats had been left alone in one apartment after their owner suddenly passed away in very sad circumstances. The man had no one, familiars or friends neither in Dubai nor in Italy, able to take over these poor animals and to look after them for the rest of their lives.

We therefore had to act fast to transfer the cats from the apartment and to prevent the landlord from dumping them in the middle of the street.
A race against time, trying to find local volunteers promptly available to give their contribution to this emergency rescue mission.

We finally moved cats from the house and we temporary hospitalized them to a veterinary clinic to assest their health conditions and check their vaccination booklets.

They are all well now, just look lost and terribly sad having no idea about why their lives have changed so much!  We have renewed all their vaccinations and provided deworming treatment.

Tsunami – black persian female, 14 years
K2 – white and orange male, 3 years
Meccanocat – black and white male, 7 years
Sonapur – three coloured female, 8 years
Omicron – white and brindle male, 3 years
Bom Bom – brindle male, 6 years

We are now asking everyone’s help to raise funds to cover the costs of their boarding in Dubai and their relocation to Italy, where we will try to find their new forever homes.

We would prefer to not split them, however it might be a necessary decision being hard to find a single home that will welcome them all together.
Left with no solution and no help, we beg everyone to donate even 10 euro towards this desperate case, which is impossible to manage without proper funds.



A brief update about the six cats rescued in Dubai after their beloved human friend suddenly passed away

After being rescued and receiving medical care at the veterinary clinic for some days, three of the felines were transferred to a boarding facility, while two others were placed in a temporary foster home.

Tsunami, the eldest of the group, was fortunate enough to be adopted by a caring woman and now resides with a new furry companion – proving that age is no obstacle to finding a loving home. Due to this fortunate and unforeseen adoption, she was spared the ordeal of being placed in boarding or foster care, and will not have to endure the added strain of being relocated overseas.

Meccanocat (black and white) and K2 (red and white) were successfully treated for an eye and dental infection. They recovered well and they are now ready to fly abroad with their three friends.

We urgently need to book their flights, however without your financial assistance, these abandoned cats may miss out on a chance for a better life, as the initial plan to relocate them to Italy has been overridden by the promising adoption opportunities recently arose in the UK.

Help us guarantee them a good future, supporting us with pending boarding, fostering, flights costs and vet bills