Fear, suffering, hunger and cold. This is what Hope had gone through after being abandoned in a period of life during which she needed more care and attention. Probably dumped by her family at the first sign of disease, this senior princess wandered for days before getting caught from volunteers.

She was immediately taken to a vet clinic for a first check, however after a few days her state of health worsened. She started refusing to eat and she did not move from her dog bed. Hospitalized, different tests revealed a complex clinical condition. Besides severe symptoms of deterioration, the most worrying aspect was the very high level of diabetes.

Hope requires constant care and veterinary food specific to her condition. She should weigh around 6 kg, but she only weighs 2,2 kg. It wasn’t easy for volunteers to take her to the vet every day for insulin, but amidst many difficulties she is slowly recovering and is starting to trust people.

To help Hope, OIPA Italy volunteers in Taranto are counting on all those people who, just like them, cannot be indifferent to the suffering of innocent souls.