The volunteers of OIPA Italy rescued a little kitten, just 3 months old, in a state of complete confusion. The kitten was running desperately in burning pain and suffering from an unbearable agony. No one knows what exactly happened to him, but given the seriousness of the infected wound of the forelimb,
he most likely got stuck inside the engine of a car and in an attempt to escape, he reported a severe injury and wounds all over the body.

His rescue was not easy at all for the volunteers. The kitten was very frightened because of the extreme suffering in which he poured, so he was trying to bite and scratch the volunteers. Despite this, they managed to take and bring him urgently to a vet who cleaned the wound and gave him some relief.

Salvo, “save” in Italian,  is now following a local and antibiotic therapy with which the volunteers hope to save his leg that otherwise has to be amputated.

Furthermore, the dressing of the paw is not simple at all: the bandage must be changed every two days and the kitten still feels a lot of pain, the reason why every time he needs medication he must be sedated.

Medical cares are expensive and the volunteers despite the very difficult season, full of abandonments, are trying their utmost to care for Salvo and save as many lives as possible.

Help OIPA International to give Salvo a chance to rebirth and support the activities of OIPA volunteers, do not forget to specify “SALVO – OIPA Italy” as a reason for donation.


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