OIPA’s volunteers are doing their best to help Freddy overcoming the difficult healing process. A stray with a very gentle attitude who was brutally attacked by a molosser breed dog left unattended and free to roam in a village near Salerno, Italy.

Helpless in front of the unexpected aggression, the dog who attacked the sweet Freddy, ripped off his jaw, broke him a leg and also bit him in different parts of the neck and the chest, causing him to loose a lot of blood.

Immediately rescued and sutured, the poor stray, in guarded prognosis for several days, fortunately survived. He had to undergo a delicate surgical operation on the jawbone, which was detached and fractured into several pieces.

Still in post-operative recovery at the veterinary clinic where he was hospitalized, after an initial feeding period with liquids and baby food, Freddy has finally started eating independently and seems to respond well to therapies.

Thanks to the huge love of our “Blue Angels” who have promoted a fundraising campaign to support his care, Freddy is slowly recovering from the physical and psychological trauma he suffered and many citizens, who have learned about this story, go to visit him and say hello.

As soon as he is discharged from the clinic, Freddy, a year old young dog with a very tame character and big sweet eyes, will certainly not be able to return on the street and will need to find a loving family able to make him forget the terrible experience lived.

❤️ Thanks to our volunteers who rushed to save Freddy and thanks to all those will support Freddy’s healing process with a small donation ❤️