Leo, a greyhound rescued by OIPA Italy animal control officers in Cremona, was found in heartbreaking conditions. The 3 years old dog was skin and bones weighting only about 20 kg. Dehydrated, severely malnourished and badly looked after. He also had an infected wound full of maggots in the perianal area.

Brought to safety by OIPA volunteers, in collaboration with the local gendarmerie and the regional veterinary Department, Leo was transferred to a vet clinic for examinations and proper therapies. His owner was reported and investigated for animal cruelty.

Leo is fine now and has been adopted by the family that initially fostered him at home filled with love, care and looked after in a proper way.

Our animal control officers were informed about the situation, after that the person who initially rehomed Leo was contacted by some family members of the dog owner asking urgently for help.

A sad but true story that teaches not only how important it is to maintain a direct contact with the adopting families when you rehome an animal, but how fundamental post-adoption controls are, just like pre-adoption procedures. Without this call for help, Leo probably would have died of starvation.