In many European countries, due to the lack of sterilisation, cats proliferate and unwanted kittens are abandoned in front of restaurants or behind hotels, all due to the concept, unfortunately still rooted in people, that “cats fend for themselves to some extent”.
This is the reason why many streets are filled with animals left to their fate who inevitably end up hungry, sick, injured, wandering on the seafront or in the historic centre of cities, along busiest promenades, or next to famous coffee bars. They are injured, hungry and pregnant cats who seek help from whoever is friendly with them. Tourists, touched by a deep compassion, try to give aid, taking them to the vet or opening some food cans purchased in a local shop, gestures that no local resident does. This situation is “normal” for the most of citizens as they think there is “nothing to be done” to better manage cat population, yet there are many solutions, including effective sterilization campaigns.


In Dubrovnik, a city of Croatia, the elderly cat Anastasia, who was a tourist attraction and symbol of the city, had her home taken away in front of the Ducal Palace before the summer of 2022. Why? Because according to local authorities “she disturbed tourists”.


Unfortunately, many countries consider street cats a problem to be eradicated, especially before the summer, because according to their opinion “stray animals would scare tourists away”. Instead of opting for sterilization, they choose the worst solution: the drastic elimination of animals through mass poisoning. This tragic initiative is implemented in many European countries, including Croatia, more often than we can imagine. A terrible choice made in the name of tourism (therefore in your name) on the wrong belief that stray cats “would bother you”. But we know well that this is not the case.

When these extermination campaigns are launched (because that’s the only way we can call them), all cats are affected, both stray and owned ones, as well as those sterilized with the efforts and economic commitment of volunteers and local associations. Cases of mass poisoning are so frequent that they enter into the daily lives and habits of local authorities and citizens who, accustomed to this practise, are no longer able to understand the atrocity of this act and therefore to ask for an alternative.


The problem of sick and exhausted cats suffering from thirst, hunger and pain cannot be solved by eliminating the animals. We are sure that you, like many other guests, are not happy to encounter all this suffering on your path. We’re sure you don’t like seeing kittens abandoned in front of restaurants or behind hotels begging for some food and help.

There is a solution to all this and it is called STERILIZATION.

After a holiday with these assumptions, many tourists return home with a bitter feeling in their hearts caused by the memory of pain and suffering endured by innocent living beings. It even happened that the tourist, after saving a cat by taking the animal to the vet, saw it die from a poisoned morsel.

Don’t be fooled by empty streets without stray cats, a calm situation does not mean that they are cared for in some dedicated areas.


Tourists who, during their stay, feed cats out of an ethical attitude can change the world. You are the key to a new world where humans and animals can live in perfect harmony.
Prove yourself as a modern tourist: take care of stray cats by funding sterilization projects and pet houses. Every hotel, tourist company, company or private structure is concerned with the ethical relationship between man and animal and the correct care of stray cats through financing sterilization projects and houses for stray cats.

Send hotel receptions and tourist offices positive impressions and reactions to the correct human-animal relationship, make them aware of what you would like to do. Saying, for example, that you would never want to return to a city or town that treats animals violently has enormous bearing on their economy.

Unfortunately, hotels, tourism companies and venues who consider cats to be a nuisance usually use them as an excuse to get rid of them, claiming that they are eliminating them as a favor to you.


  • Make them understand that cats don’t bother you.
  • Make them understand that what bothers you is exactly the opposite, that is, the pain and suffering of a living being that can be avoided thanks to sterilization projects as is already happening in many countries around the world.
  • Make them understand that these projects make you feel good, safe, satisfied, happy and that, thanks to them, you would return to their structure.
  • Make them understand that sterilized cats and dedicated houses are an attraction, an added tourist value.
  • Make them understand that you feel bad when you realize that the place you have chosen for your holidays does not treat them ethically, that it has actually chosen to eliminate them.


  • In any country, place or city you choose for your holidays, if you see evidence of sterilization projects (houses for cats living in colonies looked after by volunteers) or if you discover scenes of animals in danger that shock you, let it know to the reception or the tourist office.
  • Share a positive or negative experience with the hotel reception or tourism association.
  • Write what you think and feel on social media.
  • Give positive or negative reviews.


  • Write that you want socially responsible destinations and accommodations.
  • Show them that you find the tourist destination that treats stray cats humanely attractive and high quality, and that if they are treated humanely, you too feel safer.
  • Write that for the money you pay you expect to be entitled to a pleasant experience.
  • Drastically criticizes tourism that sells the experience of suffering and pain of stray cats.
  • Show your fear of having to walk along streets strewn with poison, which would make you feel unsafe.
  • Participate in creating a story and an enjoyable experience. Demand safety, luxury, attraction, quality that exists on the basis of ethical and humane methods. This way you will show local people who make a living from tourism that they need to be aware of the importance of taking care of stray cats ethically and that you as a tourist want to see evidence of projects that take care of stray cats.


Don’t think that you are in the minority and that your contribution is useless. Remember that you are the key and that your word carries enormous weight. A modern, demanding and polite guest asks and acts: ” Make the difference, Change the trend”.


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