Volunteers of OIPA Pendik, a district of Istanbul (Turkey) feed more than 200 stray dogs in 8 different areas struggling daily with emergencies.

So many dogs are left behind due to the high rate of abandonment and lack of sterilization. Municipalities do not help sterilize stray dogs, and while females continue to give birth to puppies who have no future and risk to die from hunger and diseases, many purebred and mix bred dogs, such as amstaff and pitbull – banned in the country – are abandoned after a life of abuse.

OIPA International purchased for them about a ton of dry food, but there’s still so much to do to cover the emergencies.

We need your help for the animals looked after by volunteers including the 16 sick, disabled and senior dogs placed in their home shelter.

Even a small donation can give volunteers a big relief and will help fill the stomach of the less fortunate.


Buy food directly here: 👉 https://ormanamama.com/oipapendik