Few months ago, during an investigation on the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Ghana, the team of Coalition for Cruelty free Africa discovered a litter of puppies in a breeding facility ready to be sold for the human consumption of their meat. In cooperation with local organization WACPAW, the team intercepted the trader in Agogo and, after some negotiations, the 3 puppies – named Abbie, Angie and Penny – could be rescued.

The three puppies stayed in Kumasi for a while for the first vet checks, unfortunately, after some days, Penny sadly passed away.

To give a better chance to the other two sisters, Angie and Abbie were moved from Kumasi to Accra in order to prepare them for the journey to the UK having the opportunity to start their new lives far from cruelty.

A trusted veterinarian who flow from and to Accra kindly picked them up and transferred the sisters to a pet lodging facility, a safer place where they also learned to properly socialized with other dogs. They were both vaccinated, microchipped and got their rabies shots.

OIPA helped cover the costs for their blood tests, which are required by law to bring them to the UK, and with the boarding fees.

Unfortunately, Abbie and Angie will have to leave the pet lodging by the end of August as initially agreed with the facility, but donations collected until now are not enough to cover the costs of flights and to keep them there for few more weeks.

We only have a short time to lend Abbie and Angie a hand! They need to leave Ghana by the end of the month and the arrangements have to be booked in advance to comply with the legal requirements.

Any HELP would be greatly appreciated towards rescuing these adorable sibling puppies and keeping them Alive and SAFE with a future away from the CRUEL Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Ghana.