In the wake of the current campaign against Max Mara, we expose another Italian fashion company. Space 2000 is an Italian fashion company specialized in design, manufacture and distribution of outerwear that still use elements such as real fur inserts, real down filling and leather for its “premium-quality” apparel. Their brands include: Bomboogie, AI Riders, Censured, ProLeather, Kate Cut, Statham, Waxed and Fortown, Von Dutch.

Nowadays, cruelty-free fabrics and faux furs and leather are available on the market and their use still guarantee a top-level and fashionable product which is not stained with animal blood. There is no more excuse for supporting the cruelty behind the fur, leather and down feather industry. A brand can be even greater and more successful if it does not contribute to hurting and killing innocent animals.

Take action, ask Space 2000’s brands to choose a fashion cruelty-free

Send a message on Instagram and comment below their posts
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Write an email expressing your point of view

What can you write?

“To the attention of Space 2000 Group,
I send this message to call on your company and all of your brands to take a stand for animals and to go fur and leather free.  
Over 1,5 million European citizens have already asked the EU to ban fur farming and farmed fur products on the European market as it is nowadays ethically unacceptable, unsafe and unsustainable to breed and kill animals for this purpose in a civil society.
Millions of animals live confined in small cages in very poor sanitary conditions for all their lives. They cannot express their species-specific behaviours, they endure severe physical and psychological suffering, and they are often gravely ill and at risk of diseases.
The leather industry is no less cruel than the fur industry.
A growing number of fashion companies have chosen to go fur and leather free.
I demand your company to shift over to a cruelty-free fashion! You can anyway guarantee a top-level and fashionable product to your customers and attract new clients who care about animals.
Yours, …………”