OIPA is thrilled to celebrate a dream that finally came true. On 19 May 2023, our awareness content producer in Maharashtra Mr. Vishal Prakashji Sakhala inaugurated his animal rescue & rehabilitation center, after years of dedication, efforts and sacrifices made to realize a place where animals can find care and safety.

Veersevak Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center has been operative for two years. At the beginning of the journey, the center consisted in one single room where Vishal fostered rescued animals, later it became an entire flat for the same work, then with a number of increasing cases and requests for help he started looking for a bigger space coming up with a full shelter. At the shelter, there is an operating room, an outpatient department, a recovery area for cows, dogs, cats, puppies and a special section for injured animals. To date, the shelter has successfully completed 150 adoptions of strays, treated severe tumour cases and recovered many animals from the worst conditions. They look after stray animals in Lonavala through rescue, treatment and recovery, realising them back to their place after recovery or getting them adopted if suitable to live in family. Shelter’s team travelled to Mumbai, Pune, Nagar, Shirur and Solhapur to bring adopted puppies to their new families. The team tries to work at its best driven by the mission to give voiceless animals a better life. The shelter counts only on a few minor donations right now, and sometimes costs are covered by Vishal and the team. Their aim is to grow to serve animals in need even better.

The inauguration day has been a real success! Many visitors and celebrities where there to celebrate. During the event, a new project has been announced: the creation of an animal rescue ambulance! We congratulate again with our dear Vishal and we thank him for making OIPA part of this dream!

Let’s save the strays of India. 


Contact Versevak Center on the Instagram page