Voice of Animal Nepal, member league of OIPA International, is a small organization with a big heart. Despite the difficult period and resources, which are limited, their love and compassion for animals, especially for the many stray dogs who live homeless after being abandoned, is stronger than ever.

The association has been feeding street dogs since the pandemic began. During the lock down period, hotel and restaurant staff have been unable to feed strays that are usually sustained by locals with food scraps as all commercial activities have been forcedly closed.

Voice of Animal Nepal is ready to start this year a new program called Animal Birth Control (ABC Program) addressed to street community dogs that will be held in Surya Vinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur District Nepal. The program will include Spay & Neuter activity along with an Anti Rabies Vaccination scheme.

This project aims to keep controlled the stray canine population and eliminate rabies deaths in local communities through vaccination. There is a huge request for spaying and neutering street dogs. Only this season around 200 to 300 puppies have been born in the areas where the association usually go to feed stray dogs. Puppies health condition are desperate because they don’t get sufficient food and care.

Rabies has the highest fatality rate of any known human infectious disease and kills around 50,000 people annually. Increasing knowledge on rabies prevention, rabies vaccination of dogs and effective treatment of dog bites, can help to lower death rate and prevent health related problem for animals.

The expected target of the ABC project for 2021 is 200 to 250 street dogs spayed/neutered and 500 dogs vaccinated against rabies.

These dogs are loving friendly 4paws who have been abandoned by their owners. It would mean so much for them to have regular nutritious meals, human companionship and protection.

Voice of Animal-Nepal is urgently seeking funds and donations to feed the street dogs of Kathmandu and start its ABC program.

Website: https://www.voan.org.np/