Half meter deep in mud, some confined to tiny enclosures in a state of severe malnutrition: these were the conditions in which OIPA Italy animal control officers in Genoa in cooperation with the local vet department found 69 animals including cows, pigs, donkeys, goats, chickens, geese, ducks.

As also confirmed by the veterinary inspection, the animals were in a state of serious deterioration, so much so that even donkeys and cows’ ribs, some of which were suspected of being pregnant, were visible.

Very docile and approachable, the animals were following OIPA officers and vet staff in a frantic search for food. Pigs and wild boar confined to a tiny cage full of mud were also underweight by more than 60 kg and some individuals had difficulty walking.

There was also an Emu with muddy plumage and some abrasions on the neck that was frantically following the operators, afflicted by hunger pangs.

Given the bad conditions of detention of the animals, OIPA officers proceeded with a seizure and reported the owner for animal mistreatment and detention of animals in conditions “incompatible with their nature” resulting in serious suffering. OIPA animal control officers immediately provided a first supply of food.

However, given the large number of animals, to meet their needs, OIPA officers have launched an urgent fundraising campaign that everyone can support even with a small donation.