OIPA volunteers have made a promise: DON’T LEAVE THEM ALONE! 

Every day our Blue Angels are besides the… “Alice’s Cats”, the stray cats of the project promoted by the Italian volunteers of OIPA in Milan

During the winter time homeless cats who live free on the territory need to take shelter and be protected from cold, wind, rain and snow. Unfortunately the weakest of them get sick easily and consequently they must be treated and monitored with great care.

We know well that for many animals in trouble volunteers are the only opportunity to survive, but with a small help each of us can also contribute to the project. 

A project that came to life from the love of a girl who tragically passed away, a girl able to infuse her true and pure love for cats and that still today lives and can be found in the caring actions of OIPA’s volunteers, because love does not disappear but does grow and spread.

Gunny, Mowgli, Mamy, Hinks, Ramen, Bianchino and all the other “Alice’s Cats” need your help.

They come out from the flowerbeds or from their small houses with their cute little faces when it rains or snows, waiting for food and some cuddles that the less shy do not refuse. 

Some others, like Ramen, Vasquez or Jonesy had to struggle with the misadventures that a homeless cat often has to face: hit by cars or got sick they have been rescued by the volunteers and with the immediate care, given thanks to the “Alice’s Cats” project, they had the opportunity to have a second life and been adopted by a family forever.

Our appeal aims to guarantee the welfare of this community of felines.

Supporting the project, OIPA’s volunteers will continue to look after and protect them, in the name of Alice and their love for animals!

You can make a donation, specifying “OIPA ITALY – ALICE’S CATS PROJECT”