Remember Artù, the cat with ear tumors?

“One day you will find an amazing family and there will be a happy ending for you, too”, this is what we all wish to strays and abandoned animals, but unfortunately this dream does not always come true. However, Artù (or rather Remy, his new name) has been lucky enough to see his dream come true: he found a new house and a loving family. After so much pain and anger, after multiple appeals and newspaper articles written to find a home for him, after sanitary interventions, Remy/Artù, the sick cat that has been ignored by institutions and people for so long, finally found his happinnes and his family forever.



The volunteers who have put so much effort into rescuing this cat are deeply moved by this happy ending, that is not to be taken for granted, and we thank everyone who has supported Artù through this difficult time with many generous donations, necessary for his cures.