END THE CAGE AGE – NO MORE ANIMALS IN CAGES – A European Citizens’ initiative against cages in animal husbandry

Rabbits, chicken, quails, sows and calf: these are the animal species that the European legislation still allows to breed in cages, and this affects over 300 million of animals each year.

With the “End the Cage Age” initiative, European citizens are demanding to eliminate all types of cages in animal husbandry used for food production. This way, they want to determine a significant change in the food production system – not only meat but also other animal-derived products.

For the European Commission to examine the proposal in order to launch an actual legislative procedure, the campaign has to gather one million signatures in one year.

OIPA supports the “End the Cage Age” initiative but our position concerning intensive farming and animal husbandry remains clear: a cage-free intensive breeding farm remains an intensive breeding farm that will inevitably determine the suffering and death of animals. There is no such concept as productive livestock, i.e. animals born to satisfy the selfish needs of men and our main goal remains the achievement of a complete abolition of all kinds of animal husbandry. We hope that this initiative will lead to an improvement of the conditions of the animals’ lives and that the European Commission will take a leading role in promoting radical changes to the current legislation.