A terrible incident occurred in the Khachmaz region of Azerbaijan where a dog lost his life after being repeatedly shot with pellets in the head.

The team of a local private shelter had found the animal two days after the episode still alive tied up in a bag and dumped in a remote place to die. The dog suffered in agony for two entire days.

Transferred from Khachmaz district to a vet clinic in the capital Baku after 2 hours of driving, it was too late for him and unfortunately, he could not be saved. In Azerbaijan, there are no equipped vet clinics and not so many qualified veterinarians, who could provide neither first aid nor spaying/neutering service outside the capital Baku. Many animals die with no care, while many of those who have a chance to travel to the capital may die along the way.

The dog had a collar, probably someone had seen the four paws roaming inside his yard and had decided to shot him for unknown reasons. Police are still inactive on the case and the culprit on the loose being a danger for animals and humans.

Despite the country signed the European Convention on the protection of pet animals in 2007, there are no laws to protect animals in Azerbaijan. Not only the population of stray dogs is controlled throughout the country by the shooting of executive authorities’ employees, but many citizens are so familiar with these cruel practise that are used to kill, shoot, poison, stone, hack animals remaining completely unpunished.


Azerbaijan is not a safe country for animals!