Recently, together with Charity Fund “United Ukraine” represented by our lovely Ludmilla, we have helped hundreds of animals in Dnipro and Kiev region. Thanks to donations for the campaign “Emergency Ukraine” we have purchased 1576 kg of pet food. Food has been distributed to stray animals in Nikopol, to a mini-shelter (50+ cats and 20+ dogs) run by a local retired vet in Vinohirsk and to shelter “Loyal Friend” run by a 70-year-old woman in Boyarka, home for 120 dogs and 20 puppies.

Our friend Ludmilla has written us a few more info about locations and needs in these areas..

1.Nikopol, Dnipro region

800+ (450 cats, 350 dogs) stray animals, fed by volunteers. Nikopol has been under daily shelling for a year, and after the tragedy on Kahovska Power Station it is suffering the lack of drinking water. Since the water reservoir (Kahovski reservoir on Dnipro), has significantly dried out, local wildlife is suffering great problems. People report appearance of snakes in their gardens and cormorants in the town. Across the river that has dried out there is a Nuclear Power Station, which has been occupied by Russian troops for more than a year. The station is mined and Russians threaten to explode it, that will cause nuclear pollution. Local citizens keep leaving the area, often leaving animals behind.

2.Vilnohirsk, Dnipro region

50+ cats and 20+ dogs in a mini-shelter, run by a local retired vet Olga Rohovenko. The main premise of the shelter is located in an old garage, where cats live, eat and get medical help. Being the only cat nurse in the town, Olga also keeps cats in her old apartment in a dormitory and in a cottage, where together with cats there are also dogs and 3 goats. Olga also feeds a few stray cats and dogs around the town, but she can’t settle them because there is no space. Recently she has received a request to settle 20 more cats whose owner had died, so now there is urgent need for extra space. First and most important need of the shelter is construction materials, which will be turned into homes for cats by a local volunteer who does construction works. However, food and medicines are also needed on daily basis, as being a retired doctor, Olga relies only on her pension and occasional donations from locals.

3.Shelter “Loyal Friend”, Boyarka, Kiev region

120 dogs and 20 puppies. The shelter is run by a 70-year-old woman. During the war they have sheltered dogs, evacuated from other parts of the country, as well as from the flooded Kherson region after the recent tragedy. The shelter is in need of repairing works, in particular changing the metal net on the dog compartments’ doors and building new houses and fenced spaces to be able to settle more animals. As well they have recently built a little house which is going to be used as a clinic for infectious diseases. They have asked for some furniture and equipment for it too. As well they always need food and dewormers.




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Account Holder:
OIPA – Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali

Bank details:
IBAN: IT93I0306909620100000002326​
Bank Account Number: 100000002326

Bank’s Name and Address:
Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
VIA BOCCHETTO, 13 – 20123 Milan – Italy