Even animals pay the price of a society that requires to always being high performing and competitive, which bases our success on appearance and popularity, on models that reflect idols and icons of advertising, sport and television.

In this fictional reality, there is no space for the elderly, even when they represent the majority of the population, as in the case of Italy, where little or nothing is done to guarantee adequate assistance to the most difficult segment of citizens.

Being elderly is considered a negative factor, whatever species you belong to. As our elderly find themselves alone because there is no adequate welfare system to assist them, the same happens to many senior animals who are dumped on the street because they are considered a burden and too expensive to care for.

Bella learned this terrible experience the hard-way, dumped on the street after years spent in a domestic environment. Abandoned at the age of 10, when she needed more care and attention, she luckily met OIPA Italy’s volunteers on her path, who immediately noticed her swollen and torn ears.

Diagnostic tests and a CT scan revealed a benign tumor, which has required an emergency surgery on the auricle. The surgery was successful and the tumour, still in its initial stage, has been removed.

After several weeks of hospitalization, Bella has been discharged, but she will soon undergo another surgery to remove the tumour from the other ear.

Supported by volunteers, this sweet old lady is receiving the best care possible, but to continue assisting Bella we also need our help.

Let’s give her a chance!