A few weeks ago, we received a touching message from one of the volunteers we have been cooperating with since the outbreak of war in Ukraine. She was asking for help for her 4 animals after an unpleasant financial period affected her family. A family of refugees, living in a safe zone near Nikopol with a child and their beloved animals. She and her husband had been used to buy food and supplies for their pets by themselves, but the lack of work has forced them to asking for help to feed their animals.

All pets needed specific dry and wet food for their health problems. One of the cats, Kur, has had urinary disease since March 2022 and after undergoing ureterostomy, he is on life-long diet with urinary food, which has a good effect on him. The dog Cas, dashund mix, aged 3, is undergoing treatment with antibiotics for urinary problems but recently he developed a condition where he can’t control his urinating process. The vet told it could be an inflammation caused by infection or the arrival of cold weather. He is now feeling better with pill therapy, but and it has been recommended to feed him with specific and high quality dry and wet food. The other two cats, Uma and Linxy, aged 1, a bit underweight and with sensitive digestion have required specific food for their balanced-diet.

We have finally been able to deliver about 40 kg of wet and dry food to our four little friends!

If you also think Ukrainian animals shouldn’t be left alone, support our ongoing campaign “Emergency Ukraine”




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Account Holder:
OIPA – Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali

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IBAN: IT93I0306909620100000002326​
Bank Account Number: 100000002326

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Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
VIA BOCCHETTO, 13 – 20123 Milan – Italy