Although the Republic of Azerbaijan joined the European Convention for the Protection of Pets in 2007, according to which the government was supposed to adopt possible measures to reduce the number of homeless animals (through neutering) without causing them suffering, pain, or discomfort, stray dog killings in the capital Baku and other regions have never stopped for all these years.

The mass killings are directly ordered and performed by government’s executive authority, but often government’s cruel behaviour towards homeless animals shapes the same attitude among citizens, who feel free to get around shooting and poisoning innocent dogs at night, in broad daylight and many times even if front of children.

No dogs are safe in Azerbaijan. Every day, dozens continue to be exterminated despite being neutered/spayed, notched on ear homeless dogs or roaming owned pets.

OIPA International has been exposing these slaughters for years, becoming the voice of local volunteers and animal activists who have never been heard.

This time, we ask for your help to call on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat to reconsider their decision to host the next 2024 UN Climate Change Conference, commonly known as COP 29, from 11 to 22 November 2024 in Baku.

A country that does not respect and protect its animals and its humans, it cannot be a country able to respect the climate, the environment and a positive example of a global #OneHealth approach.

Read the letter to the UNFCCC Secretariat: Open Letter_Consideration on COP29_OIPA_April17_2024



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