Corsica is known as the island of beauty, however behind the spectacular landscape of this beautiful place hides the neglect and suffering of many stray cats. No one care about them, neither local institutions that continue not to implement spaying and neutering programmes nor people who are not particularly sensitive and compassionate towards community cats.

Luckily, our volunteers in Corsica are daily committed to guarantee the well-being of cats who live in different feral colonies trying to improve their living conditions at their own costs. They care about feeding, spaying and neutering, and give veterinary assistance to 200 cats who live in colonies located in different tourist resorts between Aléria and Moriani Plage, specifically in Bravone, Alistro and Prunete, at Village Eucaliptus, Corsicana, Corsica Natura, and Tropca.

The costs for food, sterilizations, fostering and veterinary assistance are entirely covered by our volunteers who rely solely on donations. Unfortunately, if they are not supported enough it becomes hard to cope with all expenses and continue to assist constantly all these tails.

If you want to guarantee them a future, support our delegation in Corsica with a donation