Today, we want to launch a urgent appeal on behalf of our member league association Wag Wag from Bosnia Herzegovina that contacted us asking for help.

The number of cats they saved from the streets and from certain death has highly increased leading as a result the exponential growth of the caring costs for these animals. WagWag doesn’t have shelter and all the animals are fostered in paid private accommodations.

The association is urgently looking for organizations that could help them take over a certain number of cats finding for them new and safe homes abroad. One of the main reasons they strive to adopt abroad and in countries where animals are more legally protected is the local lack of awareness and education about animal care, so owners often get rid of their pets because they are not ready to take responsibilities. The other problem is related to the slow adoption rate in Bosnia, the lack of general information, and the fact that many animals live in small boxes and inhumane environments.

If you are an association or organization outside Bosnia and Herzegovina willing to help or you are thinking about a responsible adoption from abroad 👉 contact directly WagWag and ask for information



Facebook: @wagwagclub