Dame la Pata Yuriria a.c. became recently a new OIPA member league. The association, founded ten years ago, operates in the village of llama Yuriria (Guanajuato – Mexico) but they also serve some other villages and municipalities such as Moroleón, Uriangato and Salvatierra with a great team of volunteers.

Their main activity is the rescue and protection of abandoned dogs and puppies for which they try hard to find adoption. They actually have almost 150 dogs to look after, 70 of which are sheltered in a rented area as they do not have enough funds to buy their own place. They also take care of many cats and rabbits at their own expenses.

The situation for animals is very difficult and the association has been working for years to change the things. Here no one protects them, not only government and municipalities do not provide economical help, do not have a regulation on animal welfare and protection, a care center and an ethical programme to keep controlled the number of strays (dogs are generally killed using rat poison), but generally the population does not have education and respect towards animals. Many animals are abandoned and those suffering and in distress do not receive help and assistance from local people.

Their only hope, once rescued, is to find adoption: a family able to love and provide all the needed care. Unfortunately, the rate of adoption in Mexico is very low. Many puppies will never find a warm place where to spend their life.

❤️ Our friends of Dame la Pata Yuriria a.c are asking for help. They need your support for finding international adoption for all their dogs ❤️

For any other help you can contact the association at the following email 📧 damelapata.ac@outlook.com or on their FB page