We should celebrate the “Earth Day” every single moment. There wouldn’t be the need of a particular date to remind us how much our Planet is important. We should all learn to respect, preserve and love our Earth in the daily life. It is the place that hosts us, allows us to live, without asking anything in return.

Damaging it, defacing it, devastating it, means only one thing: we are harming and destroying ourselves!

The theme promoted this year by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) is “Restore our Earth”, which highlights the serious loss of biodiversity and the extinction of species.

We should not forget, in fact, that we, “human beings”, are sharing the planet with a myriad of other living beings that, together with us, create essential ecosystems necessary to survive and those beings have the same right to be respected, protected and safeguarded as we have.


Let’s start from today to look around us and implement virtuous behaviours that can be beneficial for the entire planet and all its inhabitants. Start to recycle properly, to reduce waste and to begin with a cruelty free diet.