We are used to seeing horses in riding stables, or while they are forced to pull heavy carriages, and it is very rare to see them in groups, as they should be. Horse has always been the most exploited animal by humans, and even today things have not changed.

After a life of obedience and service, he receives neither prizes nor recognition, but slaughter awaits him.

Horse slaughter is a cruel practice. Horses purchased for being slaughtered are not old, disabled or unwanted, but are killed due to the great demand for horse meat, a consumption that is not at all safe since they are administered doping drugs different from those used for breeding other livestock , although still harmful to human health.

Around 5 million horses are slaughtered around the world every year. Among the major horse meat producing countries is Mexico and in Europe this sad record is held by Italy, the first nation in terms of number of horses slaughtered and quantity of meat imported from abroad.

The terrible violence that horses suffer in slaughterhouses has been documented by many investigations. Animals are often killed while still conscious, forced into unspeakable suffering and atrocious agony.

Every year in Italy over 25,000 horses are killed in slaughterhouses, most often after traveling long distances crammed into trucks where they spend hours on their feet. Fever, injuries, weight loss, dehydration: deprived of food, water and rest, treated like goods, before being killed the horses travel in terrible conditions and arrive at the slaughterhouse already sick or seriously injured.

Even if the consumption of horse meat in Italy is lower than that of other animals, our country remains the largest importer of horse meat in the world and the largest consumer in all of Europe.

In 2020, Greece banned the slaughter of horses, as well as their breeding and export to produce hides, leather and meat or to manufacture medicines or other substances. Greece has granted horses the same protections as dogs and cats – a decision that could lead other European countries to do the same.

“End The Horse Slaughter Age” is the European citizens’ initiative calling for an end to horse slaughter. The organizers are calling on the Commission to propose a legal act banning the slaughter of horses, as well as their reproduction and export to produce hides, leather and meat or to manufacture medicines or other substances.

They are also calling for a ban on the long-distance transport of horses across Europe for slaughter and their protection from excessive work or strenuous training.

The European Citizens’ Initiative End The Horse Slaughter Age asks for a law to ban the slaughter of horses, including in the ban also their breeding and their export for the production of fur, leather, meat or for the manufacture of medicines or other substances. It also asks for a law to stop long-distance transportation of horses across Europe for slaughter and a regulation to protect horse from being compelled to do excess work or hard training.

Sign and share the initiative with all your contacts, help us stop this silent and barbaric practice