OIPA Italy’s animal control officers recently seized 24 neglected dogs kept outdoors in crumbling crates, working in close cooperation with the Public Health Department of Motta Visconi, a small town in the province of Milano.

The animals were reportedly living in “deplorable” hygenic and sanitary conditions. Some dogs were found severely undernourished, while others were problematic and extremely difficult to approach because not socialized neither used to interact with humans.

Our volunteers worked in the midst of mud and feces during the entire rescue activity, the same condition these dogs were forced to live so far.

According to our animal control officers, who have been monitoring and investigating the case for a while, this situation is to be considered a typical case of animal hoarding. From having 4/5 dogs, this family arrived to “collect” 24 animals. None of the pets were spayed and neutered, as a result they started reproducing with each other, causing a rapid increase in the total number of animals.  Furthermore, despite the evidence, when our animal control officers arrived on site, dogs’ owners were convinced to keep their animals well and properly care for them.

Animal hording is considered to all intents and purposes a form of animal cruelty and, as such, must be persecuted by authorities, who should be contacted if anyone become aware or witness this type of situations.

After a first veterinary check on site, all dogs have been microchipped. They have being now relocated and once recovered they will be ready for finding adoption.