The number of people who are changing over a plant-based and cruelty free diet is growing rapidly, in particular it is a choice made frequently among the youth. Many families start including food, drinks and vegetable dressings in their weekly shopping. An increase in demand that should led to a wider offer available and a greater supply of alternatives.

A choice driven by ethical, environmental and health reasons:

ETHICAL because a vegan diet does not imply the exploitation and killing of animals, responding to the emerging collective awareness that animals are sentient and must have rights and protection.

ENVIRONMENTAL because this kind of diet can bring great benefits for the planet, such as mitigation of the climate crisis, it reduces the extinction of wild species and the effect of deforestation, , and it contributes to less food waste and malnutrition as well as a better use of land and the defence of marine life.

HEALTH because it benefits our body being healthier, for example reducing the risk of obesity, cardiovascular and ischemic heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, and lowering the chance of getting certain types of cancers, such as prostate and colon cancer.

If public and private places selling food and drinks, such as cafeterias, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping mall, cinemas, etc, would offer more vegan alternatives, the number of people oriented toward a vegan diet would increase significantly.

OIPA has joint the coalition in support of the European Citizens’ initiative “VEGAN MEAL” to asks for the approval of an EU law that explicitly makes the vegan alternative always available in private and public places selling food and drinks in Europe.

A legislation which, considering the new collective awareness about animal rights and the existence of different food choices, not only would give justice to all vegans and vegetarians, often penalized for the few alternatives available, but would also contrast pollution, global warming and the increase in the cost of food. A legislation that would favour the reduction of CO2 emissions, environmental contamination and water consumption.

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