One year has passed since the invasion of Ukraine and, despite the immense suffering of people and animals, the conflict persists with no signs of a way out. As we move forward, it is hard even to imagine how could be the feeling of living in constant fear and terror while trying to lead a normal life in an unexpected condition.
To ensure that war does not become something ordinary and not to forget those who are suffering, OIPA International has never ceased to offer support for the animals in Ukraine and respond to the many requests for help of people who haven’t left the country to take care of them with unconditional love.
Thanks to the cooperation with our member league Generation 4 Ukraine, that receives a large number of applications from animal shelters in dire need, last month we delivered food to shelters and volunteers in Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Mykolaiv regions.

To date, 900 kg of pet food has been purchased and delivered to 4 regions feeding more than 1000 cats:

🔹 Kharkiv region, Kharkiv: 200 kg distributed to two shelters

🔹 Cherkasy region, Cherkasy, Smila, Uman: 450 kg distributed to four shelters

🔹 Vinnytsia region, Ladyzhyn, Gaisin: 150 kg distributed to two shelters

🔹 Zhytomyr region, Radomyshl: 100 kg given to one shelter

Our member league is now working on the organization and delivery of feed in Kyiv region to three shelters and the staff is looking for transport for a shelter in Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv region to deliver other 10 bags of food.


Together with our partner Happy Paw , this month we helped Evgeny’s cat family!

Evgeny is a military man and a “dad” of 40 cats. His black panther pride started with 3 kittens rescued from the street. Since then, the number of cats rescued has increased, and the oldest cats are already 12 years old. Evgeny tried to find a new home for some of the cats, but the last adoption was unsuccessful, since then all his “children” have been with him: “I cannot allow my kittens to suffer. I take time off from work whenever possible, to feed, clean and be with them. In 2015, I experienced and saw many hard things in the army. After that I didn’t want to return home, but cats helped me to overcome depression and brought me back to life. They are still a great support to me, so I cannot betray them.”

Thanks to Happy Paw and your ongoing donations for the campaign “Emergency Ukraine”, in February we supported 6 more shelters by purchasing over 1.1 ton of pet food delivered to Berezan, Baryshevka, Boyarka, Nikopol and Ternovka.



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