A relentless teamwork between OIPA International and animal charities present in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, a cooperation that is keep going on thanks to your incessant support.

Distribution of food and useful material for animals in shelters within the country does not stop as well as distribution of aids to stray animals looked after by volunteers and pets of people who have not fled from Ukraine but have difficulty in supporting the cost of food and care for their four-legged companions.

Thanks to the cooperation with our member leagues KSPA Lucky Strand and Happy Paw, aids have been delivered to various shelters placed in Ukrainka, Khodosiivka, Khalepia, Trypillia and Obukhiv (Kiev region) in these days. As for example, the dog shelter in Khodosiivka that currently hosts 90 dogs and 13 cats; the “Jerry” shelter that takes care of abandoned animals with chronic diseases (24 dogs and 20 cats) and the Nadezhda Reut’s cat shelter. Aids have been offered also to volunteers who all alone look after strays even in dangerous situations.

A substantial load of aids is ready to reach Ukraine in the next few days. 32 pallets full of dry and wet food for dogs and cats, specific food for puppies and kittens, cat litters and trays, pet carriers, leashes, bowls, gauzes, syringes, antiparasitic,  anti-fleas and ticks, probiotics, multivitamins, plus other melted boxes with aids collected by Fundacja ODIN to ensure that animals will continue to get everything they need. ATRA, the Swiss member league of OIPA, also contributed to this purchase.

A special thanks to our member league Fundacja ODIN that is always by our side for the logistical organization of aids and with which we will continue to cooperate for the next deliveries and other activities.

Following a desperate help request received from the shelter “A chance for life” located in Nikopol, in Dnipro region, and thanks to our intervention and collaboration with Happy Paw, a load of food and anti-fleas will soon reach the 260 dogs, many of them sick and with disabilities. Despite the shelter is located in a village that is not currently affected from shellings, as they are 8 km from the nuclear power plant station, they could not get help from anyone.

In conclusion, we keep supporting our member leagues in neighbouring countries, Sava’s Safe Haven and Casa Lui Patrocle in Romania. Their team keep helping refugees and their pets at the borders. Recently,  Sava’s has also purchased a third mobile unit for sheltering dogs and cats who, coming from Ukraine, will have to pass the quarantine period before being considered healthy.

🤝💙 A solidarity chain between associations makes possible to constantly help animals who are still in shelters or roam the streets of Ukraine and that otherwise could not survive 🐾❤️

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