OIPA International keeps helping Ukrainian shelters and associations. Thanks to the invaluable support of the Polish member league Fundacja Odin, OIPA organized a rapid delivery of food and useful material with a truck that left from the town of Gdynia, Poland, and after three long days arrived in Lviv, Ukraine. The truck delivered 4 pallets of about 3 tons of dog and cat dry and wet food plus other material and accessories, such as cat trays and litters, which is very difficult to find on site, to OIPA’s member league associations KSPA Lucky Strand and Happy Paw.

The two associations, working in coordination and synergy with OIPA, have decided to allocate and distribute all the aid arrived among shelters and local volunteers who needed it most, reaching from L’viv the following destinations: Boyarka, Chust, Konotop, Obukhiv, Kiev (Poznyaki, Holoseevo district) and Dnipro.

Once arrived at the warehouse in L’viv, aids were loaded on trains and on board of a tourist bus, thanks to the invaluable help of some volunteers, to reach finally their destinations.

A huge teamwork among associations and volunteers made of synergy and strong cohesion.

A new shipment is planned for the coming weeks. Next time OIPA will convey more aids that, in addition to the two member leagues Happy Paw and KSPA Lucky Strand, will also involve the organization UAnimals


Thanks to the fundraising campaign promoted by OIPA “Emergency Ukraine”, Sava’s Safe Haven bought a second mobile unit where animals from Ukraine can be hosted and where they must stay for all the quarantine period and the necessary veterinary practice (tests, checks, analyses, vaccinations, deworming, etc ). Furthermore, thanks to OIPA, the association purchased rapid tests for the diagnosis of leishmania, calicivirus and other infectious diseases to use for animals coming from Ukraine.

Casa Lui Patrocle received 60 pet carriers (small and medium size) from OIPA. All transport cages have been donated to refugees arriving with their pets at Siret border. Soon the association will also receive coats for small dogs, as requested, as well as leashes and harnesses of different sizes.

Finally, thanks to your donations the association Viva!Poland is also buying food and accessories that are brought to their reception points in Warsaw, Poland.

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