OIPA keeps helping animals in Ukraine thanks to the generous support of our donors and the ongoing cooperation with its member league associations, in particular this month we are glad to mention Happy Paw, KSPA Lucky Strand and Generation 4 Ukraine.


💙💛 The last part of humanitarian aid shipped last June has been recently handed over by Happy Paw’s team to the shelterBest Friends” in Makariv – Притулок для тварин “Бест Френдз”, that we all know being double bombed in March, just a couple of few weeks later the outbreak of war. Happy Paw reached the destination with a brand-new vehicle bringing food, vitamins, bowls, trays, powdered milk, pill applicators, diapers, leashes, collars and other accessories to more than 160 tailed friends.


💙💛 Dry food from the summer delivery reached the cat shelter “Beloved homeless” based in Kremenchuk, on the banks of the Dnipro River in Poltava province, that shelters more than 260 cats.


💙💛 A very sweet leady Irina received canned food for her 14 cats. Irina lives in Kyiv with her old mum Lyuba, who came over from other village that was destroyed during a shelling. She said: “In general, few people around us understand my mother’s and my motivation for cats. I constantly explain why there are so many. Sorry, but they all needed it. Almost all the cats were thrown out into the street. Manual, homemade almost without a chance. With the development of civilization, we are becoming more humane, whole industries are emerging to improve life. We have more opportunities, and for animals too – from veterinary care, medicine, the same sand for toilets, food. And today, the war that is being waged on our territory is the one that is trying to destroy everything civilized that we have. That’s why I say – don’t be orcs, indifferent. It is very noticeable that among the “faces of war” animals are very often highlighted. It is like a litmus test of what we are defending, what we are fighting for. This is our world with people, cities, animals – everything where there is civilization. And where, in the end, they will take care of animals without pretending that some incomprehensible natural forces will settle everything by themselves.”


💙💛 Lisowy shelter (Forest shelter), in Ivano-Frankivsk region, received 375 kilograms of food for their 110 dogs.

💙💛 Dog shelter OcheretinoПриют для собак Очеретино зона АТО based in Donesk oblast, which has recently been evacuated to Vinnytsia region, received canned food

💙💛  Our friends at the Gorod Cobak shelter in Mykolaiv (Mykolaiv Oblast) received dry and canned food (see the video Gorod Cobak.mp4)


💙💛 A girl called Olga who runs a shelter  in Boyarka (Kyiv Oblast) with more than 150 cats and some dogs, many of whom have disabilities, received nappies and diapers.

💙💛 A small cat shelter in Vilnohirsk  (Dnipropetrovsk region) received wet and dry food for its 30 guests. In addition, they received vaccines, tests and medicines to fight a terrible case of feline panleukopenia. The epidemic, started in October, has spread quickly from ill animals to healthy ones. This severe infection is highly contagious among unvaccinated cats, therefore to stop the epidemic and save more animals from terrible death it was essential to promptly provide vaccines and vaccinate the cats.

💙💛 A volunteer from Zaporozhye, who feeds street dogs, received 250 kg of fodder and a volunteer from Odesa, who cares about more than 130 homeless dogs was helped


With OIPA’s support, Lucky Strand purchased 520 kg of dry food for dogs and cats in need in Kiyv.


We sent financial support to foundation Generation 4 for purchasing 1.5 ton of food (1550kg) and help animals in need.

Food, bought from an holistic manufacturer in order to guarantee better quality ingredients, has been distributed to 4 shelters, residents and volunteers who feed animals in the streets, and animal protection organizations (“The friend’s heart“ and “Guardian Angel”) in Kyiv, Kyiv oblast, Zhytomyr oblast, Uzhgorod (Transcarpatian oblast), Cherkasy oblast, as well as in places of hostilities such as Izyum. Recently 400 kg of food has been transfered to Uman.

Our support was necessary to help these people continue feeding and taking care to more than 1500 animals in need properly.

OIPA is partner of the Ukrainian “Help Animal Coalition” created for improving coordination of help for animals in Ukraine. The coalition has a dedicated website with information for refugees with animals, volunteers, and for all those who would like to adopt or help animals in Ukraine.


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