Last June, a new load with 10 tons of aid for animals left from Gdynia in Poland to reach Kyiv after a few days. Once arrived, our member league Happy Paw started to distribute food and material to all shelters, volunteers and people in distress who had asked us support for their animals.

More than 1,370 animals received help in Nikopol, Okhtyrka, Mykolaiv, Makarov, Khodosiivka, Dolynska, Fastov, Odesa, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Pervomaisk, Boryspil, Katyuzhanka, Kalynyvka, Orzhika and Kyiv, during June, July and August.

Dry and wet food, medical food, trays, sprays, vitamins, powder milk, leashes, harnesses, collars, litters, litter boxes, bowls, diapers, and various products for treatment and hygiene. 15 shelters and 10 volunteers, who take care of homeless animals, received all this material.

The team transferred part of aid initially to shelters located in Kyiv region and to those able to pick up what needed directly from Happy Paw’s warehouse, then they started mailing food, medicine and accessories to further locations.

One of them is the family of Dmitry from Kalynyvka. In March, the occupiers dropped a bomb near their house. As a result, the home had its roof destroyed, walls and windows damaged. Difficult months for Dmitry’s family, which includes also 10 beautiful dogs: Rain, Iago, Beri, Beilis, Fani, Manka, Shani, Rory, Chapi and Busi. We finally provided 100 kg of wet food for all of them.

The remaining was shipped or handed over to:

🔵 Nikopol – volunteers received 350kg of dry food for dogs and cats, 11 packs of canned food for cat, hygiene items and anti-parasitic sprays. Some of them have been distributed among local animal owners, some other especially hygiene items and anti-parasitic sprays were transported to soldiers with pets to the front line. The situation in the city was terrible: a lot of people left, daily deaths and shelling, and an increasing number of abandoned animals. Nikopol is located on the banks of the Kakhovsky Reservoir — 12 km from the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant. From there, the occupiers have been shelling the city since the middle of July.
Lyudmilla, a lovely volunteer we are in contact with for months, declared: “We stayed in Nikopol until the last precisely because of the animals. We have 2 kittens, a cat and a dog. As well as a dozen more wards: these are animals of low-income owners, pensioners, volunteers who need support with food. Thanks to the humanitarian aid from Happy Paw and OIPA, we managed to survive these most difficult summer months. Now, we have moved to Vilnohorsk but the situation unfortunately does not differ from Nikopol that much“.

🔵 Odessa – specific food for cat with renal disease was delivered to a sweet volunteer

🔵 Pereslav – food delivered to a home mini-shelter with 30 cats managed by a pensioner

🔵 Ochtyrka – (Sumy region) food, anti-parasitic sprays, and leashes delivered to a shelter, that is home to more than 80 dogs, and other aid for homeless animals

🔵 Slavuta – (Khmelnytskyi region) specific food for cat with kidney failure sent to a local shelter where more than 100 animals live, including a dozen sick cats

🔵 Mykolaiv – 150 kg of dry dog ​​food to shelter “Gorod Cobak” that is home to 165 dogs many of whom are senior, disabled and sick, and 22 cats

🔵 Pervomaisk – food and litters to a mini cat shelter

🔵 Kyiv – aid was handed over to 6 shelters in Kyiv and Kyiv region (Fastiv,  – such as “Zooplatform” in the Boryspil district, mini-shelter “9 Lives”, a shelter in Khodosiivka district and to organizations, such as “Women’s March” (60 kg of canned food), “Free Animals” and some other local volunteers. Irina, her 14 cats and the other cats she feeds on the street; Tatyana who received dry and wet food for her cats, bowls, cat litters, harnesses, anti-fleas treatments and powder milk.




Bank Transfer

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OIPA – Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali

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IBAN: IT 93 I 03069 09620 100000002326

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Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
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