Ercole is a very sweet and quiet cat. He has been probably abandoned when he would have needed much more help and assistance. OIPA Italy’s volunteers found him on a street (province of Padova) , all alone, in a very bad health condition. He was clearly in need of help as he was very skinny, he got a bad cold and some mouth ulcers that didn’t allow him to eat properly.

He was taken to a vet clinic where he received first aid care and tailored therapies. The vet found him clearly undernourished, affected by rhinotracheitis and the reason for the painful ulcers was that he tested positive for Fiv (Feline immunodeficiency virus).

Ercole feels a bit better now. He is fostered at home and thanks to the care and attention of a volunteer, he can live in a safe and warm place more suitable for his state of health, eating specific food and taking therapies.

We remind you that a FIV+ cat can live for many years, facing diseases that would occur anyway even the animal was tested negative.  These cats can live peacefully at home with other cats, as long as there is harmony between the subjects. Many fiv+ cats have lived essentially normal lives therefore the diseases they have encountered are not necessarily linked to their fiv status.

💙 You can give a small help to support therapies and food for the sweet Ercole 💙