OIPA Italy’s volunteers in Vibo Valentia, a town in Southern Italy, witnessed a heartbreaking scene when they found Hook, a young dog who had ended up in a trap for foxes or wild boars. His front paw was completely stripped of flesh and the bone was devoid of skin, muscles and innervations. We cannot even imagine the pain and suffering he went through to free himself from the trap, but Hook heroically managed to survive. He had ongoing sepsis and needed emergency surgery.

Volunteers rushed to a vet clinic to save Hook’s life. Luckily, the surgery to amputate his leg was successful and Hook, as soon as he woke up, was already on his feet taking his first steps. A very sweet dog with an excellent character, Hook has been an example of strength and love for life: in pain and loneliness, he managed on his own to survive, like a true hero. When volunteers found him in the countryside in such shocking conditions, Hook was anyway wagging his tail despite the hell he had been going through.

As soon as he recovers, Hook will be available for adoption. Just think that instead of a collar he had a piece of pipe around his neck, the kind used to transfer liquids, closed with a wire passed inside it.

The hell that Hook experienced was caused by unscrupulous people who defend their properties with traps without caring about the agony inflicted on many wild animals.

Our Captain Hook is now a tripod dog but he can walk and run like any other four paws. He is the symbol of courage and redemption from the evil that soulless humans too often cause to animals.

If you want to help him, you can contribute supporting the expenses of his medical care